Capsicum Oleoresin 2.5% to 15%

Molecular Structure

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Uses of Product

It is powerful irritant and carminative used as counter irritant in lumbago and neuralgia. It can also be used to treat stomach ache that involves poorly functioning stomach muscles and as an antibacterial agents.

Technical Details
CAS No 8023-77-6
Category Stomachic and Carminative
Description Red to brownish red oily viscous liquid
Odour Pungent and characteristic of chillies
Taste Highly pungent
Solubility Soluble in alcohol, in acetone, in ether in chloroform and in volatile oils
Colour 1000 c.u. to 10,000 c.u.
Residual Solvent Not more than 20 PPM
Capsaicin content Not less than 8 %(Other grade 2 % to 20 %)