Piperazine Phosphate

Certain types Piperazine Phosphate medicines are present in the market but most of the seller prefer products from the Adani Pharmaceutical industries to sell. It takes to defend against the infection like pinworms and roundworms. Sienna, piperazine and many other ingredients contained with the pharmaceutical are with pripsen molecules.

Laxative medicine like sienna drugs are taken to paralyze the worms and the drugs we offer, immediately act on them and completely remove it. The powder form is present for the children also.

Range for consumers
Always, we try to give our 100 percent attention when we are working, not just for our reputation and money making view. We work for the welfare of people because our single mistake can destroy the life of consumers and this is definitely taken care by us.

We suggest all the clients that always use pure product with the expert advice. Otherwise this will spoil your health in any manner. Effective elimination of round warms and thread warms from the children’s bowl is possible with the pripsen piperazine phosphate sachet packs.

Our products for animals
Animal are equally important for the nature so we develop our products for the animals also. Dog, cat, cow, horse and other pets may face the bad health conditions due to non hygienic food sometimes. These products can easily sparingly soluble in water and other solvents. They are almost odorless, so you will not face any trouble while drinking it.

Molecular Structure

Piperazine Phosphate Powder

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piperazine phosphate chemicals

Uses of Piperazine Phosphate

It is used to effectively eliminate threadworms (pinworms) and roundworms from the bowel of children. It is also used for Dogs and cats for the same.

Technical Details
CAS No 18534-18-4
Mol. Formul C4H10N2•H3PO4•H2O
Mol. Weigh 202.15
Category Anthelmintic
Description White crystalline powder; odourless or almost odourless
Solubility Sparingly soluble in water; practically insoluble in ethanol
pH of 5% solution Between 6.0 and 6.5
Heavy metals Passes as per Pharmacopoeia
Chromatographic purity Passes as per Pharmacopoeia
Water Between 8.0 % and 9.5 % w/w
Assay Between 98.5 and 100.5 % w/w

Standard Packing: 25 KG Fibre Drum / HDPE Drum with double inner polythene bag